A Rated Guide to Shoreditch, London

Chapter 5 : Shoreditch


Anyone can fall short of words when it comes to describing the spirit of Shoreditch. Unmatched in energy, Shoreditch takes art and originality to another level. Located in the East End of London to the north of the City of London, this inner city district draws thousands of people from all parts of the world. Read more and you’ll know why!

Attractions Nearby


A stroll in Shoreditch is an art tour. So to say, Shoreditch is an attraction by all means! Once desolate, Shoreditch today is an artistic society that blooms with art galleries, trendy bars and numerous music venues. It has never failed to keep its characteristic charm alive and intact. Hit any street and you will experience the incredible art and architecture.

Some of the attractions in Shoreditch are:

Wesley’s Chapel and House: Wesley’s Chapel and House traces the history of Methodism from as early as the 18th century. It was built by John Wesley, an Anglican divine and theologian. The museum comprises his possessions and also his personal library.


Geffrye Museum: This eccentric museum illustrates the style of English domestic interior from the 1600s. Take a walk through it and you will experience the progression from Georgian décor to Victorian décor. The museum also reflects on how society was like.

Head to Dennis Severs’ House for an unmatched experience of artsy eccentricity! Created in 1724, this period house shows the lives of a family of Huguenot weavers. Every room here takes visitors to a different world and offers a unique experience.

Eat & Drink

Shoreditch houses places that are friendly to all pocket sizes. It has also become the coolest place to party and have fun in London. Here are some of the best places to eat and drink to ensure you have a memorable time.

If you want to gorge on delicious food at unbelievably cheap prices, here’s a list.

–        Song Que: Well-lit and large, this one tops the chart of the Kingsland Road Vietnamese scene. Highly authentic, this one is a must visit.

–        Open Kitchen: Irresistible prices, personal attention to customers and a wine list that’s simply superb. That’s Open Kitchen!

–        Kêu: A must visit for voracious fans of Vietnamese food. This small café is a treat in every way!

–        Mien Tay: Not very impressive in looks, Mien Tay is a great place to get authentic food.

In Shoreditch, there are clubs and bars popping all over. Some of these are Fox, Princess of Shoreditch, Water Poet, Queen of Hoxton, Book Club, Cargo, Commercial Tavern, Well & Bucket, The Old Blue Last, Trapeze, Village Underground and XOYO to name a few.



Shoreditch isn’t just about art and coffee. Over the last few years, Shoreditch has grown into an excellent shopping destination leaving even the conventional shopping areas of West End behind. Everything from big brands and designer boutiques to unique gift shops and indie labels can be found in Shoreditch. Here’s our guide to designer houses and local gift stores and obviously, everything that falls in between.

Old Spitalfields Market: If you want to get your hands on the stuff by upcoming and talented designers, this is the place to be! Located in the heart of the city, this colourful market offers stylish clothes, retro bags, ornaments and everything that is jazzy. The market also comes with an organic market hall. The market pulls close to 25000 people on a weekly basis. The market combines the touch of old market with the new. Brands such as Agnes B, Benefit and Canteen can be found in the market. These coexist with individual traders selling interesting and quirky things.

Brick Lane Market: Located in east London, Brick Lane market is known for rich Ethiopian coffee, Indian silk sarees, Jewish bagel shops and Bangladeshi curry houses. The market is chaotic and is always bustling with energy. There are certain vintage stalls by upcoming designers. In Brick Lane, you never know what you’ll find. Cheap leather and Art Deco furniture are a must have here!

Petticoat Lane Market: This is London’s famous Sunday market and was established 400 years ago. It includes two streets namely Middlesex Street Market and Wentworth Street Market.  Everything from clothes and watches to leather items and toys are found here at unbelievable prices. With over 1000 stalls on a Sunday, a visit to the Petticoat Lane market is worth the trip.

Some of the famous stores for clothing in Shoreditch include Beyond Retro, Rokit, Goodhood, Hoxton Boutique, Junky Styling, Ella Doran and E1 Gallery.

Famous places to get jewellery are Tatty Devine, Russell Callow, Lara Bohinc 107 , NumberNinetyFour, Anna Lovell and Glitterati

Far Global, Columbia Glassworks, Ella Doran and Standpoint Gallery  are places where you can get everything that is artsy.

As a matter of fact, the list simply doesn’t end! The more you explore Shoreditch, the better you know!


You’ve got to stay in Shoreditch to experience its dynamic character. Undoubtedly the epicenter of art and imagination, Shoreditch displays its edgy vibe in every way possible. Offering looks and comfort, our apartments are designed to offer you a memorable experience, especially our Shoredtich Square apartment. For an entire range of serviced apartments, click on image to explore more.

Well connected to other parts of London, Shoreditch is closest to Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street underground stations.

Shoreditch: A Hub of Art and Creativity

A dynamic and developing kaleidoscope of talent and creativity, it’s almost impossible to find a place that matches the character of Shoreditch. Situated in the East End of London to the north of the City of London, this inner city district is truly the epicenter of art, imagination and yes, hipsterism.

Artistic History

Shoreditch tube station

Once upon a time defined as “desolate and rough”, Shoreditch has grown leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. Before the 1990s, it had too many warehouses and very few people. This was when the likes of artistssuch as Alexander McQueen, Tracey Emin and Gary Hume got attracted and started working in this area. With numerous events and exhibitions taking place, the area further attracted architects, filmmakers and others. Soon thereafter, this desolate and empty area got transformed into an artistic society with art galleries, trendy bars and music venues. This was how the most fashionable borough in London, Shoreditch arrived and became home to students, artists and celebrities alike. All these years, Shoreditch has kept its artistic charm and distinctive style intact. The classic architecture can be seen and appreciated from any street in Shoreditch. To be very precise, a stroll in the area is nothing less than an art tour.

Attractions Nearby

Geffrye Museum entrance 

Geffrye Museum: Surrounded by gardens and set in a strings of 18th century almshouses, this eccentric museum demonstrates the varying style of English domestic interior from the 1600s. A walk through the museum shows the progression from sophisticated Georgian décor to overdone Victorian décor. Not only does it show how homes and furnishings have changed over time, it also reflects the changes in society. Entry is free for adults. Open from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Wesley’s Chapel and House:Built by an Anglican divine and theologian John Wesley, Wesley’s Chapel and House traces the history of Methodism from as early as the 18th century. The museum includes possessions relating to John Wesley and also his personal library. At the end of the chapel is Wesley’s tomb built in 1778. This is considered as the basilica of Methodism.

Dennis Severs’ House: Created in 1724, Dennis Severs’ House captures 18th century life as lived by a family of Huguenot silk weavers. Every room was converted into tableaux vivants designed to take visitors to a different world and an evocative experience. Visitors are invited to explore all the rooms and feel the smells and sensations in silence. This historic gem is situated in Folgate Street.

Spitalfields Market: This is where you can quibble with upcoming and aspiring designers. A colourful indoor market, Spitalfields is an attraction in itself. You can find a quirky range of stylish clothes, retro bags, ornaments and jazzy items for home. There is also an organic food hall here. Thursdays are dedicated to antiques. Attracting close to 25000 people every week, this one is one of the most popular markets of London.Brick Sunday Up Market

Brick Lane Market: Centred around Brick Lane in east London, Brick Lane Market sells everything from rich Ethiopian coffee to tapas and a lot more. The vintage stalls and eccentric crafts by mushrooming designers are a few of the highlights of this market, popular amongst art students. Bargaining is a must! Runs every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.Petticoat Lane Market

Petticoat Lane Market: Established 400 years ago, Petticoat Lane is a fashion market in the East End of London and includes two streets markets namely Wentworth Street Market and Middlesex Street Market. The former is open six days in a week while the latter operates only on Sundays. You can find clothes, watches, leather items and toys at some unbelievable prices, provided you are good with your bargaining skills.

Staying Here

Despite the spread of affluence and prosperity, the stylish Shoreditch maintains its originality and edgy vibe. There is a unique and exhaustive range of exclusive apartments offering a cool ambience with all the artsy features. From a studio apartment available here at 100 Pounds per night to a three bedroom apartment at 220 Pounds per night, Shoreditch offers both taste and pocket friendly options. It is well connected to other parts of London. Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street are the closest underground stations.