Touring London’s Favourite Hotspot Neighbourhood : Fitzrovia

Home to London’s creative industries, Fitzrovia has beautiful residential streets with an eclectic restaurant scene and is best known for its contribution to the arts – poets, designers and musicians. Located in the north of Soho and south of Euston Road, this city lies in the midst of Bloomsbury and Marylebone.

The city district is named after the Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street where a group of writers used to gather. It was earlier called by different streets’ name such as Tottenham Court Road, Fitzroy Square, etc., but then in 1930s, Poetry London’s founder and editor M. J. Tambimuttu used the name to describe a crawl of pubs from Soho to Charlotte Street.

One can find stucco townhouses and mansions blocks, as well as modern residential developments across Fitzrovia. A trendy, glamorous and swanky neighbourhood that has a bohemian history behind it, one can easily call it a proper city district with a dense mix of residential, business, retail, education, healthcare, and more recently, art galleries.

Things to Do

Fitzrovia has become quite popular with the advertising, media and television agencies and is known for several media units. It’s popularity with such agencies has given rise to a fashionable, stylish bar and restaurant culture. The area holds a lot of prominence for its restaurants.

Charlotte Street and Sanderson Hotels are those establishments that have been developed into hotspots and they have become so popular for the wealthy and famous that many actors, actresses and sports stars can be spotted easily here. Some of the known faces that lived here are Pink Floyd, George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Wolf.

While you are in Fitzrovia, you can go eating and drinking in Charlotte Street all the time in the finely selected restaurants that will serve you delicious food. If you are of one pf those who likes to do shopping, you can head to Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. With your whole day busy, you’ll get tired a bit, so for relaxation you can take a walk near Regents Park that offers a vast expanse of open space.


A beautiful peaceful little quarter situated in the middle of the busiest streets of London i.e., Soho, Marylebone and Oxford Circus, Fitzrovia has several religious buildings, prestigious boutique art galleries and museums. Here is our list of sight-seeing in the district:

Key Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Gardens are almost 250-years-old, but for a modern outdoor adventurer there is so much to explore. You can find exotic flowers and wild meadows here. Apart from that you can take the Tree Top Walkway, if you want to get a bird’s eye view of some of the park’s centuries-old trees. Also, stroll down to the Chinese Pagoda, built in1762.

Grant Museum of Zoology

Grant Museum of Zoology

One of the best known attraction of Fitzrovia is this museum or art gallery we should say. Run by University College London, it was founded in the year1828 as a showcase of the wonders of the natural world. It houses as many as 68,000 specimens, you can see some extinct animals too.

All Souls Church Langham Place

All Souls Church Langham Place

It was the creation of Prince Regent’s favourite designer, John Nash in the year 1824 and was the ultimate plan for the formation of Regent Street. It is located along the BBC’s Broadcasting House. For those having a great faith in Christianity, can take the church’s popular course ‘Christianity Explored’.

Places to Eat

Fitzrovia is a hub of popular restaurants and there is an abundance of fantastic places to eat, which serves the delicious food. You can go to the below mention eating joints to satiate your hunger:

Ceviche Soho

Ceviche Soho

For the love of Peruvian food, you can go and visit this beautifully lit Soho that is famous for ceviche. But wait, it’s not just ceviche but you can also find the tasty grilled meat and skewers. Also, you’d love to try Pisco, the South American brandy. It’s the best drink you can have.

Salt Yard — If you want to taste Italian and Spanish flavours, get into Salt Yard. It’s a tapas bar and its menu is divided into vegetable, meat and fish dishes. They are famous for putting emphasis to each and every dish and specifically the quality of the ingredients.


Dabbous London Restaurants

This restaurant is one of the best and the most talked-about one in Fitzrovia and the menu has adventurous dishes like beef tartare with cigar oil, whiskey and rye, salad of fennel lemon balm and pickled rose petal, etc., and are beautifully presented at reasonable prices.

Places to Shop

This place is known only for its best shopping centres and the fine-dining options. If you’re a shopping freak, you’ll love this place totally. Hope into any of these shopping centres for choosing the stylish and fashionable:


Heal’s London

Known for its beautiful attractive modern decorations and hyper-modern kitchenware, Heal’s as established in the year and is one of the oldest shopping centres in town. You can find some of the best designs of home furnishings and can design your own home.

Fever London — Find some of the best vintage stylish and funky dresses that was earlier open for wholesale but now open for public. A great feature of this place is that you can see the artisans at work.


Lush London

Fitzrovia has the flagship store of Lush – the biggest and the most extravagant in the world. Here you can shop for your skin care, hair care, massage products, etc. The moment you’ll enter, you wouldn’t want to leave this place.

Known to Londoners as the hippest place in London, while you’re travelling to Fitzrovia, you have plethora of option to explore; it’s one place where the British elegance meets bohemian flair. For staying near Fitzrovia, you can check out the luxurious, ultra-modern and spacious serviced apartments by to get a good and comfortable stay.

Romancing the Streets of Paris

The capital city of France needs no introduction. It is vividly known for its food, art & culture, fashion and last but not the least for its world-famous architecture. With a rich culture and history, travellers are intrigued to visit the city that has scenic beauty all-around and that’ll leave you mesmerized. Apart from the famous Eiffel Tower and the renowned museums, the city has a lot to offer to a first time visitor. Those who wish to truly understand Paris, should immerse themselves in its rich history, art & culture.

While talking about Paris, one cannot forget about their iconic designs. Each and every quarter is unique and compelling in its own way. Even if you stay for a month, it wouldn’t be possible to explore it in entirety.


Exploring the city in mere 2-3 days is a tough task, and in cases of short trips especially, a person can get puzzled on where to go and where not! Also, wandering around the streets of Paris is still easy, the tougher part comes when you have to plan your stay. Here is a two-day guide to make the most out of your trip:

The City of Love

There are various reasons why Paris is called the City of Love, the purpose of coming here is not only to romance someone but admire the architecture and culture. On day 1, fall under the spell of this city while you take a walk in the hills of Montmartre, where you’ll find Musée de la Vie Romantique and Place des Abbesses at the foot. Take a Parisian breakfast before heading out to the medieval Marai district to get a glimpse of the Picasso museum, private mansion houses and hidden spots such as the Carreau du Temple.

The Essentials and the Attractions

Day 2 can be left for the major attractions in Paris, so that in the end, you have seen the actual Paris. You can start your day with an amazing breakfast at Tribeca and take a small walk to the Eiffel Tower, which is just a 7 minutes’ walk and pass by Pont de l’Alma, the bridge to Seine. After you are through with the view of Paris from there, hop onto a boat and sail to Notre-Dame, the beautiful cathedral on the Île de la Cité. After praising its beauty, you can go to The Louvre, which is just half an hour away.

There is one thing you should consider when you plan to visit Paris, i.e., while it’s okay to rent an apartment for a small duration, but if you want to stay there for a longer period, there are few things that you should consider before finalizing any apartment:

  • The French law restricts renting out properties to holiday makers, until and unless it’s the primary residence of the person.
  • You should check out the serviced apartments from which are absolutely legal and you can rent it carefree.
  • Always go for the known agencies when you’re on the lookout to rent in any corner of the city.

Popular places to eat and drink around Canary Wharf

Whether you want to relax and enjoy a quick bite to eat, a drink after work or a leisurely brunch at the weekend, you can experience the soul of Mexico in the heart of the city if you are at Canary Wharf- one of the London’s coolest neighbourhoods. The area is filled with the very best in food and drinks available around the world. With more than 300 shops, restaurants, coffee shops to fine dining-explore an extensive range of options for dining out and some of the best cocktails in town. Canary Wharf is always buzzing with new places to try and there’s something for all tastes!

Here are the few suggestions:

Tom’s Kitchen

Tom’s Kitchen

The restaurant serves British favourites using the very best seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Tom’s Kitchen opens seven days a week, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner and during weekends the restaurant serves its famed brunch. Busy food lovers can opt for take away option during the day.

Opening Hours

  • Monday –Friday 7.30am-11pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 10am-11pm



You can indulge in some high quality and fresh combination of traditional sushi and yakitori sticks from the grill at Sticks’n’sushi restaurant. For those who are not fish lover, can try from a selection of delicious chicken, lamb, beef and vegetable skewers. All these items are grilled fresh to order. There is also a section for vegetarian dishes, salads and variety of other delicacies.

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Saturday 11.30am-11pm
  • Sunday-11.30am-10pm

Ibérica La Terraza

Ibérica La Terraza

London’s authentic Spanish restaurant, Ibérica La Terraza is nestled in a leafy corner of Cabot Square just few walks away from Canary Wharf tube station. The restaurant opens from brunch through to the evening serving a selection of tapas. You can also try a range of cocktails and al fresco dining here. Visit this terrace restaurant to enjoy truly Spanish experience which is reflected in its contemporary design, lighting and ambience.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday: 11am-11pm
  • Sunday 11am-6pm

All Bar One


A stylish city bar serving beer, wine, cocktails and sharing plates in a relaxed and cool ambience. The bar specialises in serving simple yet delicious food at affordable price and can serve you variety of wine for any occasion. All Bar One can be a good choice to spend some quality time over a drink right after work.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday –Wednesday 8am-11pm
  • Thursday-Saturday 8am-12 midnight
  • Sunday-10 am to 10.30pm

Obicà Mozzarella Bar

Obicà Mozzarella Bar

Home of outstanding authentic Italian regional cuisine in Canary Wharf, Obicà specialises in offering freshest buffalo mozzarella from Campania and other Italian delicacies that’s true to its roots. The Bar is buzzing spot for after work lunch and drinks. Every evening drink is served with little bites of salumi and mozzarella. You can pick from classic, smoked or creamy stracciatella enjoy your meals and drink in a relaxing ambiance.

Opening Hours

  • Monday-Friday- 9.30am-10pm
  • Saturday12noon-8pm
  • Sunday- Closed

During your visit to London, make sure to explore Canary Wharf. You can get many good accommodation options in this neighbourhood for your short city in the city. Search for a comfortable Canary Wharf serviced apartment if you want to live like a local away from the touristy grid. Apart from being fully furnished, these apartments have separate kitchen, dining and lounge area.  Staying in a rented apartment will help you to get comfortable and familiar with the new city.

London’s hidden yet splendid waterways you never knew were there

The most popular River in London Thames has posed patiently for many centuries fascinating tourists and locals alike but you have to dig little deeper to know the unknown, unseen and hidden waterways of the city. These rivers flow silently above ground, in plain sight but are usually unnoticed outside their neighbourhoods. These waterways or rivers have played a crucial role in London’s rural past, some of which includes the Crane, the Darent, the Mutton Brook, the Pool River.

London Hidden Waterways

Image Credit : Charles Scicluna flickr

Spending time by the water’s edge which is an excellent breathing space makes the moments of peace feel so special. The forgotten stories of these rivers and the fascinating history of these waterways will definitely be magical. Lost rivers are everywhere, even in the places Londoners think they know very closely and that makes them far from being gone.

Here are the secret Rivers in London you probably didn’t know:

Beverley Brook

Beverley Brook

Image Credit: smir_001 Flickr

Located south-west London, Beverley Brook joins the River Thames near Putney Bridge. In the 20th century for many years it was fed by poorly treated sewage from a sewerage works in Green Lane. Since 1998, with the beginning of improved treatment methods the presence of wildlife species in the river has gradually increased.

Bow Backs River

Bow Backs River

The Bow Backs River feed into the River Lee Navigation and the Thames in East London. It is a complex of interconnected waterways between Bow and Stratford. Before the 2012 Olympics, the river was neglected part of the city. After careful restoration, the place is now a new destination for nature lovers, walkers and boaters.

Dollis Brook

Dollis Brook

A tributary of the River Brent, Dollis Brook flows eastwards through Totteridge Fields, and then to King George V Playing Fields. The name Dollis is deprived from English word ‘dole’, which means shares of land in the common field.  The Brook is extremely shallow but is a heaven for wildlife like water fowl, owls, fish and a variety of aquatic plants.

Hogsmill River

Hogsmill River

Image Credit: David Bridges Flickr

A chalk spring in Ewell in Surrey, Hogsmill River is one of the tributaries of the River Thames. This 7 miles long river flows in a northerly direction through much low-lying land. Earlier between 1754 to 1875, the Hogsmill was occupied by a Gunpowder Mill Complex and presently, small part of this significant aspect of the Hogsmill’s history has been still preserved. You can embark on a journey and easily trace the river by on foot or by cycle.

River Brent

River Brent

Image Credit: Samuel Piker Flickr

One of the London’s longest River, River Brent starts at the junction of Dollis Brook and joins the Thames at Brentford. The word Brent in English means “sacred waters”. The River is over 16 miles long and divides Willesden and Wembley districts. River Brent is popular with locals and nature lovers for its beautiful location.

If you are planning an upcoming vacation in the popular city London, do not miss to explore these hidden gems in the heart of the city that made the city and its cultural heritage through the ages. The city’s unique vibe and character can also be determined through these Rivers and waterways, which are wonderfully novel way to delve into a compelling, unknown part of the city.

During you visit to this city, to get the feel of local and lead the life of a Londoner, you can opt to stay in a serviced apartment in popular neighbourhoods like Shoreditch, Hackney, Greenwich, Islington and more.

A weekend gateway outside London

In your tour to the brimming city London, if you are done with exploring the popular attractions and nearby places that are in your travel itinerary then its time to move out of the city and experience something new.  While your short stay in London, you can also explore the nearby attraction outside the city which are just few hours drive.

If you’re feeling the need to escape London for a day, you have plenty of options to explore and travelling outside London is very easy as well. Plan for a great day out outside London, all of which are within a hour or two from the city if you travel by train.  The easiest way to get around the UK from London is travelling by train. Avail Bitrail London Plus pass, which provides access to popular cities in southern England including Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton. These passes are cheaper as well than buying separate tickets for each journey.

Here is a list of places that you can explore while you are in London.

Bexhill-On-Sea: See the seaside if weather permits. If it’s a bit damp, Bexhill Museum and De La Warr Pavilion offers excellent indoor activities and enjoy food at Bistro45 and enjoy the impressive view of the channel.

  • How to get there: Take Southeastern train from London Bridge
  • Estimate time to reach: 30 minutes


St Albans: Wonder through the stunning ruins of Sopwell Nunnery and explore the beautiful St Albans traditional street market.

  • How to get there: Board Southeastern train from St Pancras
  • Estimate time to reach: 20 minutes

St Albans

Windsor: Explore Windsor Castle, which is distinguished for its association with the English and later British royal family and for its amazing architecture. If it’s a sunny day, make sure to spend some quality time at the Savill Garden.

  • How to get there: First Great Western train from Paddington
  • Estimate time to reach: 30 minutes, from £8 return.

Windsor Castle

Hever Castle: Located near Edenbridge, this castle was built in 13th century.  Here, learn about Hever Castle, which was once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and home to Anne of Cleves.

  • How to get there: South West train from Waterloo
  • Estimate time to reach: 40 minutes

Hever Castle

To get detailed information about travelling in London and suggestions for the quickest route to reach your destination, use Transport for London’s journey planner.

A must-visit to UK this summer – for an eternal lifetime experience!

Beat the heat this summer by visiting UK that is waiting for you with a lot of excitement and experiences. Ideal for romantic getaway, child friendly activities, scrumptious food, varied summer events, rural escapes, fun spots, cultural activities and much more, this place is the heaven where one finds comfort, luxury and pacification in a fine combination.

Exciting things to enjoy in the capital this summer!

Summer in london

Visiting London will certainly end your summer with good memories. Get ready to enjoy several kinds of exciting events ranging from the traditional to the eccentric. Check out few highlights below for the interesting things going to happen in the town this summer.

Sundance Film Festival at Picture House Central – June 2 – June 5

Sundance Film Festival

Back for a long weekend in June, the Sundance Film Festival features premieres of some hottest movies and documentaries from the mother festival in January. So, don’t miss it out because this year the whole festival will unspool for the very first time at the lovely Picturehouse Central cinema in the West End.

Queen’s House 400th anniversary and reopening

Queen's House

If you are planning a visit to London this summer, you are definitely going to make it worthwhile. Closed for renovation last year, The Queen’s House will reopen for its 400th anniversary on July 4, 2016. You will get to witness wonderful art collection of the Royal Museums, superb interiors and classic paintings on the walls.

The 4th of July in London

4th of July in London

Let’s make your way to this remarkable event with Londoners who surely know how to throw a good Fourth of July party. Get ready to celebrate U.S. Independence Day in the capital with a bang!

Somerset House Summer Series gigs

Somerset House Summer Series gigs

Like Londoners, you are definitely going to like the Somerset House’s annual gig series. This venue is ideally renowned for its open-air festival stage right in the centre of London where artists love playing to a fascinated audience in a grand eighteenth-century courtyard by the Thames. Artists like Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith and Adele have all wooed the audiences and 2016 is also going to make it big!

This list doesn’t end here.There is a lot more to enjoy and experience..

So if you are planning a short or a long visit to London, make sure to stay at a convenient and hassle free location offering easy access to all these places. Rather than looking out for hotels, book a serviced apartment in london and its neighbourhoods like Camden, Greenwich, Borough and Piccadilly. Unlike hotels, the serviced apartments are budget friendly and provide you a lot of flexibility and privacy with comfort and luxury.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Attended by more than 150,000 visitors every year, The Chelsea Flower Show has indeed become a significant venue for watching the gardening trends. The most acclaimed in the calendar of horticulturalists, it is the world’s greatest flower exhibition held at London’s Royal Hospital Chelsea. Come here and experience this wonderful show which offers you beautiful gardens, healing plants, woodlands and other horticultural displays. The flower show will feature the latest trends in garden designs and developments in horticulture.


The most acclaimed in the calendar of horticulturalists, it is the world’s greatest flower exhibition held at London’s Royal Hospital Chelsea. Come here and experience this wonderful show which offers you beautiful gardens, healing plants, woodlands and other horticultural displays. The flower show will feature the latest trends in garden designs and developments in horticulture.

The range of gardens and flowers is quite diverse. It is an excellent exhibit of blooms and celebrities. The extravagant gardens are the most lovely thing and this is created by 800 imaginative garden designers. After spending almost a month over 11 acre site, these designers have created horticultural marvels. The flower show is indeed a treat for both gardeners and non-gardeners.

Chelsea Flower Show

Let us  look at some of the top highlights of the 2016 show. Here you go!

  • The Flower Show is attended by The Queen and royalty of the gardening world.
  • An acoustic garden that is inspired by the world-leading percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie
  • 80 foot carriage from the Belmond British Pullman, sister train to the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express
  • ‘The British Eccentrics Garden’ by Diarmuid Gavin.

What You Must Know About The Show

Opening Times:

May 24 and May 25 – 08.00 AM TO 08.00 PM (for RHS members only)

May 26 and May 27 – 08.00 AM to 08.00 PM

May 28 – 08.30 AM to 05.30 PM

Address: Royal Hospital Chelsea, Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4SR

How to come here

Get down at Sloane Square Tube Station. Take a left turn down Lower Sloane St. from the station. Reach at the junction of Lower Sloane St and then take a right turn into Royal Hospital Rd. It will take you straight to the venue.

Where to Stay

Book a nice serviced apartment in Chelsea if you are visiting the city to attend the show. Chelsea is a vibrant neighbourhood that offers access to various parts of London. You can get a wide range of serviced apartments here at much cheaper rates and the apartments will let you live like a local. The apartments are comfortable, well equipped and well located with easy connectivity to public transportation, restaurants and shopping destinations.