Unfortunately we don’t have good news to report today, as fell victim to a scam with one of the property owners that we had listed on our portal.

Early this morning we received an email informing the holiday rentals industry that a widespread fraud was going around in London, perpetuated by a person who calls himself ALEX DAVIES. By the time we had assessed this and had started cancelling our related bookings, one of our customers had unfortunately already been scammed and defrauded of several hundred GBP.

We are doing our utmost to assist the affected travellers in reclaiming the funds and have refunded 100% of our booking commission. We have also offered to arrange alternative bookings to the travellers who were affected by this scam at short notice.

As we deal with hundreds of properties around the world, we have to give quality assurance with regards to the properties that we offer. The apartments that we operate are all owned, operated and managed by private landlords and property owners. We employ a numbers of methods to check on our property owners, which involves verifying them with other parties and agencies while also listening to our guest feedback. The scam alert this morning regarding Mr. Davies is proof that our system is functional and reliable, but couldn’t unfortunately intercept in time to avoid the scam. However, we are relieved to report that three other bookings with Alex Davies are being intercepted and cancelled. is committed to excellence as a service provider on an open marketplace. Unfortunately we became the target of criminals trying to cheat our customers off their holidays and travels. We are doing our utmost to inform others to avoid booking any properties with Alex Davies and appreciate your assistance in this matter.

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