Rated Romance…

With Valentine’s Day just gone by and the first buds of spring around the corner, love is the air and everywhere you look around. Even at RATED APARTMENTS you can feel the love-bug going around, looking for new romantic outlets and inspiring locations to discover.

So without further ado, we’ve compiled some romantic destinations across Europe for you to spoil yourself and your loved one for a passionate break or a loving retreat. Pack your bags, book a flight and save lots of kisses for your sweetheart…



At RATED headquarters in London, we are proud of the romance of our pristine city. Although recent additions in architecture here may have been utterly modern, London is nonetheless a destination full of wonderment and surprise. You can still find the delights of Dickensian London, for instance when overlooking the rooftops of the West End from the fifth-floor Restaurant at the National Portrait Gallery on Trafalgar Square. Or you can walk down the dark and dusty alleyways of Marylebone at night in a bid to find traces overlooked by Sherlock Holmes. While there, why not spoil yourself to a great dinner at Le Relais De Venise and a pint of beer at the Golden Eagle pub (both located on Marylebone Lane)? On the other side of town, you can even find some romance in the City. Many people know of the iconic Saint Paul’s Cathedral from the wedding of Prince Charles to Diana Spencer because Saint Paul’s is an outstanding romantic spot amidst the hustle and the bustle of the City of London. Try the Whispering Gallery for yourself: see if can you hear what your darling is telling you inside the dome of Saint Paul’s! It might just be those three words you love to hear. If you want to go further afield, you can find several other charming places to make dreamy new memories, like Chiswick and Hampstead, which constitute for some of the favourite neighbourhoods among locals. A walk in Hampstead Heath takes away every care in the world – or so they say. With all our little squares, Georgian townhouses, leafy parks and enchanting riverside spots, we crown London this year’s capital of romance – among some very steep competition, that is.



No question, Paris had to be on this list of course. Activities like taking a walk along the Seine, sharing a candlelight dinner in the Latin Quarter and chasing that ever-so-elusive phantom at the Opera House make the French capital the capital city of modern fairytales. There’s always something new to discover, even if it is only French wine and cheese. You can get decked out with enough cheese to feed a platoon at Fromagerie Barthélémy (on Rue de Grenelle). And speaking of fightiers, with Les Miserables still high-rolling at the box offices, you can have your own French revolution on the streets of Paris. But careful around those guillotines at Les Tuilleries! For a romantic evening for two, we recommend La Boussole in the trendy Rue Guisarde on the left bank. Or if you want to splurge and nothing’s too good for your honey, there’s always Café De La Paix outside the Opera House for the best cuisine in all of Paris. Don’t forget the obligatory street dessert of macaroons, preferably sourced from La Durée, of which there are several outlets across town; adorable wannabe-French moment included if you wear berets and carry baguettes. C’est formidable!



When it comes to Italy, Venice is normally cited as the capital of all things romantic. But we gave it some serious thought and decided that Rome has so much more to offer to two hearts in love. For starters, you can actually get from A to B without crossing any stinky water the many tourist distractions. Where better to start your Roman adventure than St. Peter’s Square? There’s a serene peace to be found at the Vatican, whether you are a believer or not. But beware that the Sistine Chapel will be largely off limits before a new Pope is announced! Still, there’s plenty more to do around the eternal city. You can admire the Spanish steps, the Pantheon and the ancient Colloseum during an orchestrated tour or you find your own secret hotspots while ticking all Seven Hills of Rome off your list. With more historic buildings than pasta, Rome is the kind of city where you will want to discover your own gems off the beaten path. For starters, we suggest a tour of the Capuchin Crypt, The Jewish Ghetto, and the Keats-Shelley House, also known as the pink building. Other than consuming copious amounts of gelato wherever you go, we also recommend La Boticella as a fantastic watering hole with an international crowd (on Via di Tor Millina) and Mirabelle for fantastic contemporary Italian cuisine and great views over the city (on Via Di Porta Pinciana). But above all: when in Rome, do as the Romans do…

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