Paris: The City of Lights or the Fashion Capital

Subtlety. Style. Sensation. It’s the start of the Paris Fashion Week. Following New York, London and Milan, here’s the city of lights with the last word on the global fashion vista. With a host of designers staging the concluding runway spectacle of the season, this one is the most anticipated.

Home to Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and so many more, Paris brings out the eccentricities and heartiness of fashion like none other. Inexhaustible trends and striking shows rule the city and the streets revolutionize into a runway of their own.

As the city dabs up with strips and motifs bringing the artisan’s edge to the best, it’s your chance to revel in the glory. We give you a sneak peek into the city and its style!

THE Fashion Week

Yes, it’s THE fashion week! The Paris Fashion Week is the grand finale of the four fashion weeks – Paris, London, New York and Milan. Starting February 25, 2014 to March 5, 2014, this one tells the world what’s hot and what’s not for the forthcoming season with shows taking places in numerous locations in Tuileries garden near the Louvre.

Don’t just stop and stare. Go shop!

You are in Paris. Do as the Parisians do. The city with an unimpeachable fashion sense pulls in millions of tourists every year. And why not? With a plethora of shopping options, Paris promises to satisfy window shoppers, brand lovers and discount-hunters alike. Avenue des Champs Elysées, Boulevard Haussmann, Les Halles et quartier Beaubourg, Rue de Rivoli-Le Marais and Avenue des Ternes are some of the best shopping streets in this fashion capital.

Hit the Hippy Market, the place for pre-loved items that never go out of trend. If retro fascinates you, Saint-Ouen Flea Market is the one for you. Check out Sephora for cosmetics and perfumes.

The area Golden Triangle, surrounded by Avenue Montaigne, Avenue Marceau and Champs-Elysées, lets you explore the best design houses of the world. Don’t miss it!

What else does the city offer?

A lot. Be it the soaring Eiffel Tower, the colossal Louvre Museum, the legendary Moulin Rouge or the scenic Luxembourg Gardens, Paris does manage to rise beyond its own hype. While on your fashion-centric vacation, don’t miss out on the panache the everyday Paris exudes. Explore the striking art and architecture or simply unwind at a French Café or an enchanting bookstore.

For a lover of art, culture and history, the Palace of Versailles located in Versailles is a must-visit. The large and lavish castle with stunning architecture, this one is a fine example of the French magnificence.

You can also enjoy a calming trip down the gorgeous River Seine and experience the Bateaux Parisiens sightseeing cruise. Listen to live music and savor a three-course meal as you pass by places like Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower.

How about discovering the Lido? Packed with inspiring dancers, gorgeous representations and lovely costumes, Lido is the well-known French cabaret in the Champs Elysee. This is also the place where you can find an array of gourmet restaurants.

Talk of food and Paris is the city of culinary brilliance. Breathtaking restaurants, exceptional wine bars and original patisseries make the city a favourite amongst food aficionados.  Dig into debauched bourguignon, enjoy shots of tomato consommé or sample the finest Bordeaux wines. We bet you will be spoilt for choice for delightful meals in this city. Be it fashion or food, Parisians look to experiment.

You can also enjoy the other side of Paris by being a part of events like Festival of the Imagination, Poets of the Springtime Festival and Holiday on Ice 2014, all happening in the month of March. Keep watching this space for more!

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