A Day Affair- London

                    Capital of the former largest empire of the World, the city of London  has almost 60 attraction spots that you have to see to experience the beauty of British culture. Just a day in London will sweep you off your feet. When you know you have a long list of beautiful places to be explored and only a day in hand, you sure have a day full of surprises ahead. Let me guide you through a succinct list which includes the most prominent attractions of the city.

London City

A Panoramic view of London Eye

London is an expensive city and gets very busy, particularly in summer months. Hence it is advisable to buy ‘The London Pass’ a day prior on – http://www.londonpass.com. With this pass you not only can escape the hassle of standing in long queues for buying the entry tickets but also get free entry to all the top attractions in London.

Begin your day with London Eye, a landmark of the new millennium. On a clear day you can see famous spots such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Victoria Tower from the top of  the ‘Eye’. After you have had a quick sneak peak of your day ahead through the ‘Eye’, walk along the river Thames to the Sea Life London Aquarium which is hardly a minute away. The Aquarium has one of Europe’s largest collections of  marine life which includes sharks, piranhas, crocodiles, penguins and sea horses.

Central London

Sea Life Aquarium, Central London

Next up is the London Dungeon which is right next to the Aquarium. An actor led interactive experience; this is an ultimate live action journey through London’s bitter past. With live action shows, exciting rides and hysterically horrible past, London Dungeon amazes you. Steel your nerves for some terrifying experiences at The Dungeon.


The Dungeons

An Enactment in the Dungeons

From London Dungeon you can hop onto a bus to the next stop – St. Paul’s Cathedral to enjoy the awe-inspiring interiors of the Cathedral. You will discover the tombs and memorials of some of England’s greatest heroes like Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, amongst others. At St. Paul’s, you can enjoy your lunch at either The Café or The restaurant – both specializing in seasonal British dishes with an outstanding range of fine wines.

After lunch, take a Tube to the Baker Street station to walk down the red carpet with celebrities from across the world at Madame Tussauds. This famous London attraction is filled with realistic wax figures of World leaders, Royal family of England, Sports stars and Celebrities. It is filled with 14 interactive zones which are a perfect combination of glitz, glamour and incredible history. Just minutes away is the British Museum – showcasing a remarkable collection which spans over two million years of human history, it has a unique collection of treasures from different cultures.

London Bridge, Thames

A View of the London bridge over the River Thames

Finally catch a Tube to the London Bridge station for dinner at London’s picturesque riverside. ‘Le Pont de la Tour’ is well known for the delicious French food and an even better view, overlooking the Tower Bridge – an iconic symbol of London. A view in the night of the illuminated Tower Bridge is truly magical!

We can now head back to the apartment for a well earned good night sleep. With a bag full of British memories to ponder about, promise yourself that you will be back to London for the pending list of attractions.

3 thoughts on “A Day Affair- London

  1. Excellent and informative, planning to visit London and would try to follow it. Would love to have a guide like the writer. Thanks.

  2. Amazing, short and concise travel guide to London for those who are on busy schedule. The author is clearly exhibited with full of confidence that it is not impossible to explore major attractions in London in a day.

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