3We recently met Mr. Singh and saw his apartment. With an in-depth knowledge of art and aesthetics, Mr. Singh simply couldn’t fail to impress us. He has been running the apartment for the last 10 years. Located in one of the high end areas of Delhi, this five bedroom apartment is beautiful. There is enough parking space. Having a look at this apartment makes it obvious how the supplier has given importance to even the smallest details. We were totally mesmerized by the decor. 
The rooms are really big and spacious. We had all the freedom to move around in a relaxed way. Also, the teak furniture that is used catches your attention. It looks lovely and complements the subtle colour palette. The marble flooring perfectly completes the look of the apartment, giving it a neat and well-dressed touch. 
The apartment is surrounded by lush greens on all sides. This keeps it cool during summers.  There are large windows to allow passage of air. We were delighted to go through the guest comment book and read the comments. People who have stayed there have had an amazing time, for sure. There were a dozen of complements for the lucky guy, Mr. Harry for the amazing food he cooks. I also got a chance to enjoy a nice conversation with Mr. Singh over tea and parathas. Simply loved the experience!

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