5 Tips to Survive a Long Flight Lags

Most of us enjoy travelling and exploring new places but we definitely do not like the exhaustive process of getting to the far-flung destinations on the planet, spending long hours on flight. You might feel apprehensive travelling such a long distance no matter how exclusive the destination is waiting at the other end. But don’t dread long flights, plan ahead and gear yourself with things that will assist you to be comfortable and pass the time easily. However, what works for one person may not work for you. So when you fly more frequently, you’ll learn which methods are best for you. But to get you started, here is 5 long-haul-flight-survival advices that can help you feel better and less annoying.

Flight tips from Rated Apartments

Reserve a good seat

One of the significant things that can make or break your flying experience is choosing the right seat for your long journey. Make sure you avoid middle seat since sharing the armrests with two people can be very maddening especially when you are travelling for 10 to 12 hours. If you can choose a right seat then spending the time in flight can be much more pleasurable. Avoid taking seat near lavatory as the area is little noisy.

Get some sleep

If you want to survive long flight it is important that you get little sleep. Though every traveller has different ways of sleeping but being able to get some proper shut-eye will benefit you. Make sure you carry eye mask, a travel pillow and a cozy blanket to get that comfortable sleep on board. These few simple things can actually make a difference. You can dress comfortable in loose- fitted yet warm clothes as most air-planes are extremely cold due to to heavy duty air-conditioners. Probably, you will be staying in a hotel or a comfortable holiday apartments still you need to keep your sleep time covered.

Sound sleep at flight tips

Stay Hydrated

When travelling in a flight for 12 or 15 hours stuffed with so many passengers who are breathing the same stale recirculated air we do not realize surviving on flight can also be dehydrating. Food served on flight can dehydrate you and cannot fulfil the moisture your body needs. So it’s better you pack some healthy snacks like fresh fruits or salad. If you do not have any option and want to proceed with the in-flight food then avoid consuming meats since these are processed with very high preservatives and addictive. Buy a mineral water bottle from the airport if you are travelling in a budget airline as the water served in flight are not served free most of the time. If you are getting complimentary water, order a cup every time the attendant walks in. Avoid consuming alcohol as it can badly fatigue your body.

Keep yourself busy

Staying busy is the best way to kill time and monotony. Even after several unsuccessful attempts you fail to keep your eyes shut, stay busy with yours books (read a short story or a novel), music player or any other thing that you love to do during your free time. You can actually utilize this time but it’s better not to rely on in-flight entertainment options as the cost is very high and access is limited. Load your favourite gadget with some best collection of songs and movies, which will entertain you better.

Freshen up

Do not make the mistake of keeping aside your daily routines even when you are on 15 hours long flight. Brushing your teeth, washing face and getting freshen up will make you feel relaxed and keep all bacteria’s at bay. Get freshen-up half way through the flight and this will surely revive you. Make sure you keep all your toiletries handy to get easy access whenever you need them.

Happy Journey Rated Apartments Stay

Conclusion: Remember, eventually all flights are going to end, so sit-back, relax and refrain from getting annoyed and enjoy your journey. Think about the things you would do once you get down from flight. So find ways in which this time can prove be beneficial before you check-in to your booked serviced apartment for short stay.

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