Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris : Gifts, Travel, Romance & lot more

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Paris RatedApartments Guide for lovers

A weekend getaway to Paris is the ideal choice for couples who are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most romantic and magical setting possible. To freeze that special moment with your special someone, visit Paris as the city is laced with built-in romance everywhere from world-class restaurants, poetic parks and gardens to exhibits and shows. The city naturally exudes romance and Valentine’s Day is your change to take it to the next level.

Here are our suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable:

A romantic gourmet  in a city famed for its cuisine

The City of Light is filled with lots of world-class romantic restaurants, whereas finding a restaurant with the perfect combination of scrumptious food and cosy ambience is never difficult. You’ll love the way the restaurants are decorated with emphasize on soft lighting and live music, tables adorned with flowers and candles with grand background setting. Make sure to reserve a table ahead to avoid last minute rush.

Enjoy stunning panoramic views of Paris

Paris offers innumerable great spots for romantic panoramic views and some of them are even free. Imagine sweeping and dramatic views from the famous Eiffel Tower before enjoying a romantic dinner or head to the famous Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre which offers wonderful views from outside the church but also from its very top. The Centre Georges Pompidou has a rooftop terrace and restaurant with stunning views of Paris’ main landmarks.

Take a boat tour

On this special day what can be more romantic than taking a boat ride together on the Seine River. You’ll absolutely love to float on the Seine in a lazy cruise boat, and Paris boat tours are a lovely way to explore the city in a picturesque light. Some of the most cosy and romantic tours are Paris Night Tour and Eiffel Tower dinner and Seine boat cruise.

See a show together

Paris is hub of romantic late night music and theatre shows and excellent performing arts. If you understand a bit of French, going to watch a French play together is a super romantic pick. You can also see a popular ballet or classical dance performances in Opera to make the special day unforgettable. Try tour Moulin Rouge, Lido or Elysees Montmartre to enjoy scintillating cabarets and concerts.

Paris Serviced ApartmentsParis Serviced Apartments

Book a premium serviced apartment

Where can you find a romantic hotel that doesn’t cost hundreds of euros a night? It can be challenging to find a luxury hotel at low rates during Valentine’s Day and serviced apartments are a great alternative. You can find a premium serviced apartment, offering hotel like amenities at a lower price.

Surprise your loved ones by booking an apartment with ratedapartments if you are planning a short or long term stay in Paris. Some of the centrally located neighbourhoods to stay in Paris are Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, Louvre and Latin Quarter. Staying in any of these neighbourhoods, you can explore popular romantic attractions with ease.

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