The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018: What to Expect at the Show?

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and the M&G investments have come into their 9th year of partnership with the Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Formerly known as the Great Spring Show, the annual flower show is a pioneer of excellence in horticulture and garden designing. The grand event is a spectacle of blooming spring flowers and green gardens. A boon for nature lovers and leisurely visitors both. On the last day of the show you can buy all your favourite greenlings.


What you should do to be at the show?

The charm of the RHS Chelsea flower show is out of this world. With a thousand flowers blooming at one place who wouldn’t want to embrace nature at its best. Some of the clever ones among us have already pre booked a year in advance. Those of us who are in London at this golden time can cash in by dropping by at this flowery paradise. Pre booking a serviced apartment near Chelsea Bridge might be a great idea to catch the show on 22nd May. There are endless options available to book an accommodation in Chelsea. For a better idea of London and its neighbourhood here’s a quick relocation guide.

This year the RHS Chelsea Flower show is happening from 22nd May till 26th May, at the London Gate. For tickets and related info you can go to the official website of RHS here

It is remarkable that proceeds from all ticket sales will go to charity supported by RHS.

A quick round up of what to not to miss at the show

Health & Wellbeing, Power of Plants and more

RHS Flower Show 2018

This year some new designs have been announced at the show. The ‘Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Power of plants’, and how they can help improve the adverse effects of environmental changes are the new entries. In order to meet the challenges of gardening in limited spaces, a ‘Space to Grow Gardens’ theme will be in focus at the show. The main aim will be to explore ideas through which you can create small urban gardens in small spaces of a town garden.

The Chelsea Late Event

The Chelsea Late event

Shifting away from the usual trend, this year the RHS has announced ‘The Chelsea Late Event’. Visitors can enjoy the blooming goodness of the flower gardens at night in the midst of vibrant lights, bands, food and artists all while enjoying Artisan Gardens during twilight at Chelsea.

Best nurseries and Master Growers


The Great Pavilion will be the center of all activity as usual. This year round they will house some of the best nurseries of the world with more than 85 of them coming together under one roof. The Discovery area will have the best florists and science displays. The biggest name in the florist industry will exhibit their designs here. The notable few among them are Peter Beales Roses, D’Arcy & Everest and Hampshire Carnivorous Plants. This year RHS will be celebrating the Master Growers of England.

Show Gardens at the Main Avenue

10 Show gardens will exuberate pure beauty and bliss at the Main Avenue. This year’s focus will be on the elaborate 18th century tea gardens, the contemporary and urban town gardens, and forever Mediterranean landscapes.

Product of the year recognition at the show

Each year the best innovative and useful products are acknowledged at the show. This year’s winner will be announced on 21st May by Deborah Meaden. 12 candidates will be competing this year. The candidates are selected on a number of criteria including innovation, visual appeal, functionality, value for money and environmental friendliness. Meet the finalists here

Banned plants at the Chelsea Flower show

Banned plants at the Chelsea Flower show

The RHS has banned at least 9 varieties ahead of the flower show in a bid to ward of the spread of the plant disease Xylella. Some of the most popular green flowering species have been found to be affected by the horrendous disease, which has been labelled as the ‘foot and mouth’ of plants. The 9 banned varieties are Lavender, Rosemary, Hebe, Cherry, Plum, Olive, Oleander, Coffee, and Spanish Broom.

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