Designers to Look out for During London Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week fast approaching, designers and curators are frantically preparing to impress the fashion world. As always, much anticipation surrounds London Fashion Week- one of the four major fashion weeks in the world along with Paris, New York and Milan.

london fashion week

From the 14th September to the 19th September, creativity, innovation and unabashed audacity take centre stage: but what designers should you be paying close attention to?

Who? Amanda Wakeley

When? 14th September, 19:00.

Why? Opening London Fashion Week Fall 2017 is Amanda Wakeley OBE. Born in 1962, Wakeley is best known for her cocktail dresses, evening wear and accessories. Purveying a “clean glam” signature style, Wakeley has recently developed everyday wear, including knitwear, day dresses and tailoring

Who? Ralph & Russo

When? 15th September, 20:30.

Why?  In 2014, Ralph & Russo became the first British brand to be selected by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture for Paris Fashion Week in over 100 years. Since then, much excitement has surrounded the house, with Chambre Syndicale’s former president stating: “We expect savoir faire, which is being lost, and Ralph & Russo have it”.

Who? Molly Goddard

When? 16th September, 12:00.

Why? This up and coming British designer has earned plaudits for her work over the past several years. The 2016 winner of the British Emerging Talent Award, Goddard is set to become a more recognised name across the fashion world thanks to her capsule footwear collection with Topshop and upcoming Topshop showspace.

Who? Emporio Armani

When? 17th September, 19:00

Why? Established in 1975, Emporio Armani is one of the most lauded houses in the world. Although the Armani house is currently offering much more than just sartorial elegance, the brand is built off the success of their fashion lines. Offering a wide range of clothes and accessories, Armani is perhaps the most widely recognisable name at this year’s London Fashion Week.

Who? Pringle of Scotland

When? 18th September, 12:00

Why? With over a 200 year history, Pringle of Scotland is one of the oldest fashion houses in the world. However, the house has always possessed a thoroughly modern, pioneering outlook. Renowned for its cashmere products, Pringle has shaped the fashion industry throughout history and continues to do so to this day.

Who? Tommy Hilfiger

When? 19th September, 19:00

Why? One of the most respected designers in the world, Tommy Hilfiger has transformed into a cultural icon. Celebrating the essence of classic American style, Tommy Hilfiger, founded in 1985, delivers premium style, quality and value to customers. Closing this fall’s fashion week, Tommy Hilfiger’s collection is not to be missed.

Touring London’s Favourite Hotspot Neighbourhood : Fitzrovia

Home to London’s creative industries, Fitzrovia has beautiful residential streets with an eclectic restaurant scene and is best known for its contribution to the arts – poets, designers and musicians. Located in the north of Soho and south of Euston Road, this city lies in the midst of Bloomsbury and Marylebone.

The city district is named after the Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street where a group of writers used to gather. It was earlier called by different streets’ name such as Tottenham Court Road, Fitzroy Square, etc., but then in 1930s, Poetry London’s founder and editor M. J. Tambimuttu used the name to describe a crawl of pubs from Soho to Charlotte Street.

One can find stucco townhouses and mansions blocks, as well as modern residential developments across Fitzrovia. A trendy, glamorous and swanky neighbourhood that has a bohemian history behind it, one can easily call it a proper city district with a dense mix of residential, business, retail, education, healthcare, and more recently, art galleries.

Things to Do

Fitzrovia has become quite popular with the advertising, media and television agencies and is known for several media units. It’s popularity with such agencies has given rise to a fashionable, stylish bar and restaurant culture. The area holds a lot of prominence for its restaurants.

Charlotte Street and Sanderson Hotels are those establishments that have been developed into hotspots and they have become so popular for the wealthy and famous that many actors, actresses and sports stars can be spotted easily here. Some of the known faces that lived here are Pink Floyd, George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Wolf.

While you are in Fitzrovia, you can go eating and drinking in Charlotte Street all the time in the finely selected restaurants that will serve you delicious food. If you are of one pf those who likes to do shopping, you can head to Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. With your whole day busy, you’ll get tired a bit, so for relaxation you can take a walk near Regents Park that offers a vast expanse of open space.


A beautiful peaceful little quarter situated in the middle of the busiest streets of London i.e., Soho, Marylebone and Oxford Circus, Fitzrovia has several religious buildings, prestigious boutique art galleries and museums. Here is our list of sight-seeing in the district:

Key Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Gardens are almost 250-years-old, but for a modern outdoor adventurer there is so much to explore. You can find exotic flowers and wild meadows here. Apart from that you can take the Tree Top Walkway, if you want to get a bird’s eye view of some of the park’s centuries-old trees. Also, stroll down to the Chinese Pagoda, built in1762.

Grant Museum of Zoology

Grant Museum of Zoology

One of the best known attraction of Fitzrovia is this museum or art gallery we should say. Run by University College London, it was founded in the year1828 as a showcase of the wonders of the natural world. It houses as many as 68,000 specimens, you can see some extinct animals too.

All Souls Church Langham Place

All Souls Church Langham Place

It was the creation of Prince Regent’s favourite designer, John Nash in the year 1824 and was the ultimate plan for the formation of Regent Street. It is located along the BBC’s Broadcasting House. For those having a great faith in Christianity, can take the church’s popular course ‘Christianity Explored’.

Places to Eat

Fitzrovia is a hub of popular restaurants and there is an abundance of fantastic places to eat, which serves the delicious food. You can go to the below mention eating joints to satiate your hunger:

Ceviche Soho

Ceviche Soho

For the love of Peruvian food, you can go and visit this beautifully lit Soho that is famous for ceviche. But wait, it’s not just ceviche but you can also find the tasty grilled meat and skewers. Also, you’d love to try Pisco, the South American brandy. It’s the best drink you can have.

Salt Yard — If you want to taste Italian and Spanish flavours, get into Salt Yard. It’s a tapas bar and its menu is divided into vegetable, meat and fish dishes. They are famous for putting emphasis to each and every dish and specifically the quality of the ingredients.


Dabbous London Restaurants

This restaurant is one of the best and the most talked-about one in Fitzrovia and the menu has adventurous dishes like beef tartare with cigar oil, whiskey and rye, salad of fennel lemon balm and pickled rose petal, etc., and are beautifully presented at reasonable prices.

Places to Shop

This place is known only for its best shopping centres and the fine-dining options. If you’re a shopping freak, you’ll love this place totally. Hope into any of these shopping centres for choosing the stylish and fashionable:


Heal’s London

Known for its beautiful attractive modern decorations and hyper-modern kitchenware, Heal’s as established in the year and is one of the oldest shopping centres in town. You can find some of the best designs of home furnishings and can design your own home.

Fever London — Find some of the best vintage stylish and funky dresses that was earlier open for wholesale but now open for public. A great feature of this place is that you can see the artisans at work.


Lush London

Fitzrovia has the flagship store of Lush – the biggest and the most extravagant in the world. Here you can shop for your skin care, hair care, massage products, etc. The moment you’ll enter, you wouldn’t want to leave this place.

Known to Londoners as the hippest place in London, while you’re travelling to Fitzrovia, you have plethora of option to explore; it’s one place where the British elegance meets bohemian flair. For staying near Fitzrovia, you can check out the luxurious, ultra-modern and spacious serviced apartments by to get a good and comfortable stay.

Reasons why a trip to the French Capital deserves to be on your bucket list

One of Europe’s most scenic and historical cities, Paris boasts of charming architectural icons, chic boutiques, fine cuisines and marvellous treasures. Truly inspirational, the city has a profound history and a rich cultural scene. Here are some of the reasons why a trip to Paris totally deserves to be on your bucket list. Go on!

World-famous attractions

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is one of the first places to come to your mind when you think of Paris. An excellent sight to behold, the Eiffel Tower was built in the late nineteenth century and attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. The incredible piece of architecture deserves to be visited and re-visited.

Eiffel Tower

Louvre Palace

A former royal palace is situated on the Right Bank of the Seine in Paris. It is in between the Tuileries Gardens and the church of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois.

The Louvre is one of the world’s finest art museums and is a complex of buildings erected in the city over a period of four centuries.

Louvre Palace

Besides these, Paris is home to places like Disneyland, The Musee d’Orsay, The Musee de l’Orangerie, Centre Georges Pompidou and Musee Rodin. It is a must-visit city for art enthusiasts.

Shopping Scene

There is no denying the fact that shopping in Paris has been a magnificent affair since the 19th century. Paris today offers a mix of stores, boutiques and markets selling a wide range of items.

Shopping in Paris

All the neighbourhoods (arrondissement) have its unique style. Some global chains and flagship haute couture trendy stores pack the Champs-Elysees.

Latin Quarter is packed with bookshops such as Shakespeare & Company.

Cafes and Restaurants

Paris is home to an extensive range of cafes and French restaurants. You can find hundreds of Italian restaurants, pizzerias and eateries serving food from different parts of the world. There are also several French regional restaurants serving traditional restaurants.

There are some top-class restaurants in Paris and these are mainly concentrated close to the Champs Elysees and in the 8th, 16th and 17th arrondissement. You can find numerous Michelin starred restaurants here. If you want to go to relatively affordable places, there are plenty of choices. You can go to the charming streets of Latin Quarter in the 5th and 6th district and also on the Ile St. Louis.

Cafes and Restaurants

To enjoy the oriental cuisine, go to the Paris Chinatown, south from the Place d’Italie in the 13th arrondissement.

There are enough reasons why you should make that trip to Paris. There are all kinds of accommodation in Paris to suit individual needs and preferences. Go ahead and enjoy a trip to the beautiful city of Paris.

5 things every visitor should know before travelling to London

If you’re planning a trip to London and you’re reading this, Congratulations. You’re already well on your way to being a savvier tourist when you get here. As a young professional living in one of the most popular city-break destinations in the world, I thought I may as well impart some local knowledge to travellers visiting this great city. I have only lived here for 5 months, but trust me you do you learn fast!

London Bridge Rated Apartments

Here are the 5 things written from the perspective of a local, to a tourist:

  • The city map is a must

To a tourist, getting your head around the London Transport system can be a downright terrifying prospect. If the tube wasn’t enough to handle, there are buses too. This nifty little app uses GPS to get you from A to B with ease, offering you bus, tube, taxi and by foot routes. It also tells you how much each one will cost and how long it takes.

  • Serviced accommodation in London

Well, great solution! If you are coming to London and planning to stay for some time, a serviced accommodation in London might be a great choice for you. Firstly, you save up to 35% compared to standard hotel rates. Secondly, you feel like at home as you have got old fashioned perks like TV and most importantly WIFI to keep you friends and family updated.

  • Thursdays are new Fridays

It’s true, we Londoners work bloody hard. So it’s not surprise that by Thursday we are ready to let off some serious steam. Thursday nights are one of the best nights of the week to go out, with most bars, restaurants and pubs filled with locals and an awesome atmosphere.

  • Know the shopping saving alternatives to Oxford or Regent street

Shopaholics, this one will help you no end. So I’ll say it, shopping on Oxford Street is hell, especially on a Saturday. It’s famed for its shops, but there are so many other amazing shopping streets in London offering you the exact same shops without the crazy crowds. Head to Covent Garden, The Kings Road, or Westfield Shopping Centre for an equally amazing but less crowded London shopping experience.

Shopping in London

  • No tube, stick to buses

I am a huge advocate of the London buses. Daylight, phone signal and (quite often) a seat comes as standard, which is a pretty good bargain when you compare it to the tube. Wherever you are in London, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be a 5 minute walk from a bus that will take you where you want to go. It’s also a lot cheaper than getting the tube and many run 24 hours a day.

5 Tips to Survive a Long Flight Lags

Most of us enjoy travelling and exploring new places but we definitely do not like the exhaustive process of getting to the far-flung destinations on the planet, spending long hours on flight. You might feel apprehensive travelling such a long distance no matter how exclusive the destination is waiting at the other end. But don’t dread long flights, plan ahead and gear yourself with things that will assist you to be comfortable and pass the time easily. However, what works for one person may not work for you. So when you fly more frequently, you’ll learn which methods are best for you. But to get you started, here is 5 long-haul-flight-survival advices that can help you feel better and less annoying.

Flight tips from Rated Apartments

Reserve a good seat

One of the significant things that can make or break your flying experience is choosing the right seat for your long journey. Make sure you avoid middle seat since sharing the armrests with two people can be very maddening especially when you are travelling for 10 to 12 hours. If you can choose a right seat then spending the time in flight can be much more pleasurable. Avoid taking seat near lavatory as the area is little noisy.

Get some sleep

If you want to survive long flight it is important that you get little sleep. Though every traveller has different ways of sleeping but being able to get some proper shut-eye will benefit you. Make sure you carry eye mask, a travel pillow and a cozy blanket to get that comfortable sleep on board. These few simple things can actually make a difference. You can dress comfortable in loose- fitted yet warm clothes as most air-planes are extremely cold due to to heavy duty air-conditioners. Probably, you will be staying in a hotel or a comfortable holiday apartments still you need to keep your sleep time covered.

Sound sleep at flight tips

Stay Hydrated

When travelling in a flight for 12 or 15 hours stuffed with so many passengers who are breathing the same stale recirculated air we do not realize surviving on flight can also be dehydrating. Food served on flight can dehydrate you and cannot fulfil the moisture your body needs. So it’s better you pack some healthy snacks like fresh fruits or salad. If you do not have any option and want to proceed with the in-flight food then avoid consuming meats since these are processed with very high preservatives and addictive. Buy a mineral water bottle from the airport if you are travelling in a budget airline as the water served in flight are not served free most of the time. If you are getting complimentary water, order a cup every time the attendant walks in. Avoid consuming alcohol as it can badly fatigue your body.

Keep yourself busy

Staying busy is the best way to kill time and monotony. Even after several unsuccessful attempts you fail to keep your eyes shut, stay busy with yours books (read a short story or a novel), music player or any other thing that you love to do during your free time. You can actually utilize this time but it’s better not to rely on in-flight entertainment options as the cost is very high and access is limited. Load your favourite gadget with some best collection of songs and movies, which will entertain you better.

Freshen up

Do not make the mistake of keeping aside your daily routines even when you are on 15 hours long flight. Brushing your teeth, washing face and getting freshen up will make you feel relaxed and keep all bacteria’s at bay. Get freshen-up half way through the flight and this will surely revive you. Make sure you keep all your toiletries handy to get easy access whenever you need them.

Happy Journey Rated Apartments Stay

Conclusion: Remember, eventually all flights are going to end, so sit-back, relax and refrain from getting annoyed and enjoy your journey. Think about the things you would do once you get down from flight. So find ways in which this time can prove be beneficial before you check-in to your booked serviced apartment for short stay.

A Rated Guide to Covent Garden, London



You can’t help being mesmerised by the exuberance and energy of Covent Garden. Adored for its culture and uninterrupted entertainment, this district on the eastern periphery of the West End is one of London’s most happening places. It is surrounded by Leicester Square and the City of London. The iconic river Thames, entertainment hub Soho and the very touristy Trafalgar Square are a few minutes away.

 Covent Garden brings to you a perfect potpourri of history, culture and entertainment. Read below to know more!


Covent_Garden_Market_Christmas_decorationsCovent Garden is home to brands like Burberry Brit, Rugby Ralph Lauren and Opening Ceremony. It has an extensive selection of stores, from designer labels to high-street brands. You can find numerous British designers like Nicole Farhi and Ted Baker on the Floral Street.

At the heart of Covent Garden, there are numerous craft stalls and budding designer boutiques.

If you love to shop, check out Seven Dials comprising seven streets of cafes, boutiques, restaurants and independent shops. Head to Poste Mistress for just the right kind of shoes!

The Tea House here, deserves a special mention. It stocks an interesting range of teas. 

Cultural Attractions

Covent Garden is an ideal place for people who love art and Royal_Opera_House_and_ballerinatheatre. Places such as Britain’s National Portrait Gallery, New London Theatre and English National Opera are located nearby. There are numerous shows you can catch in theatres in Covent Garden. Some of the popular shows include Stomp at the Ambassadors Theatre, War Horse at The New London Theatre, The Woman in Black at Fortune Theatre, The Lion King at the Lyseum Theatre.

Wine & Dine

Dirty_Martini,_Covent_Garden,_WC2_(4500660896)From Indian meals at Dishoom and Masala to Mexican delights at Wahaca, Covent Garden is just the ideal place for food lovers. The late night drinks at Dirty Martini and The Powerhouse can’t be missed.

One can enjoy a quick pre-theatre bite at Fire and Stone or go to Spaghetti House for an Italian treat. For a fine dining experience, try London’s oldest Rules or the Michelin-starred L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon. For the typical London vibe, hit The Lamb and Flag. This is one of the oldest and most popular pubs in London.


Travel to Covent Garden

Centrally located, Covent Garden is very well connected to the Covent_Garden_stn_buildingrest of the city. Covent Garden Station is one of the most ideally located transport options. It sits on the Piccadilly Line of the tube. Leicester Square, Holborn and Charing Cross are other nearby tube stations and can be reached in less than 10 minutes. You can also take a bus to Trafalgar Square and then walk through the streets of this historic district. You can buy a Visitor Oyster Card and travel to places.


Thanks to its excellent location and buzzing life, Covent Garden has no dearth of accommodation options. offers an excellent range of serviced apartments in Covent Garden, to suit all preferences and requirements. Some of our luxurious properties in Covent Garden, click to see:


Canary Wharf for the Leisure Traveler

Canary Wharf in London is mostly known for being a business hub. However very few people know that with 1000 ships a month passing through it, Canary Wharf was once the hub of the British Empire. Today, Canary Wharf is an empire of Finance, IT & Startups that is residing in these skyscrapers. However the remains of the older empire can be easily found by the curious traveler.

Serviced Accomodation in Canary Wharf

A view of the Canary Wharf horizon

 Canary Wharf is a truly a shopper’s delight. It is made up of three arcades – Canada, Cabot and Jubilee Place. These arcades are surrounded by the Jubilee Park and house over 200 shops, bars, restaurants and cafes which are open seven days a week. Definitely a true paradise for shopaholics! The most prominent thing about these arcades is the beautiful mosaics that illustrate the Wharf’s heritage and its role in British history. With thousands of ships visiting, barrels of wine being imported and bales of wool being transported, it was like a beautiful fair at the Docklands! Continue reading